If you have been 1 year in Portugal before giving birth, your child could be eligible for Portuguese nationality at birth.This means that literally days after being born your child can get a Portuguese ID card and passport.So what’s the process for this?We live in an area with barely any ex-pats, so at least we had to get an official translator. The requirement was that it needed to be someone who spoke both languages with a Portuguese ID card. The translator is being registered as a part of the process and therefore you cannot get a translator just over the phone as we are able to do in most other situations, as this is an official naturalisation process.Once you have found yourself a translator to
help, head to the Citizen Shop (Loja de Cidadão) in your local council.On arrival, you need to get a ticket for the registering the birth (registar um nascimento).You can check out the official process on this link