After moving to Portugal, I think the most asked question is how to get a remote job or how you can become a true digital nomad.

As I probably started the digital nomad lifestyle back in 2008-2009 I have been doing this since before it was invented and I have a few things you should consider.

What to think of before going ahead?

You are leaving what you know, you are leaving your network, family etc so you have to build your village on the go. In today’s world, you can almost find a Facebook group of nomads in each destination. However, more than the social aspect you also will suffer that you are quite fragile if you should lose your job.

Save up before you change your lifestyle

You should at least have 3-6 months worth of cash before you head over to this new lifestyle, just in case this isn’t working for you that you can afford to restart without it tearing you down.

Get a remote job before you start nomading

Just because you want to get on the train of digital nomads and you want that remote job – it’s a good idea that you test that you actually like to work remotely without being in an office and you can live without the social aspect of your colleagues. Therefore you should truly consider having a trial period. Keep your home, but get a remote job for some months.

Where can I find remote jobs?

This is a list of 10 popular sites you can find jobs from:

Remote OK:





Angel Jobs:

NoDesk Jobs:

WorkingNomads Jobs


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