We’ve now had Covid-19 around for just over a year. Suddenly every single home now has some sort of home office.

Some work at the dinner table or wherever else in the house they are able to find a spot. If you are one of those people that have realised, that this “working from home” (WFH) is not disappearing any time soon – or maybe you enjoy that you save the commute. Then now, is the right time for you to invest into a proper home office.

As I have been working mainly from home since 2008, I do have an advantage in knowing the things that you should invest in for you to thrive.

Mindset before office

Before we get into all the fancy equipment ideas, let’s just quickly discuss how you can get a healthy mindset.

It takes quite a lot to get into the “mood” of enjoying Remote Work, especially if you are used to the open office buzz, where you constantly have colleagues around you. This can be both good and bad, but it takes some effort to make sure you get into the right mindset.

This entire concept of having big offices is no doubt something from the past that we haven’t quite managed to re-design. A leading company in the pre-Covid remote space is Basecamp. The founders of the company are seen as the authority on the topic. Many remote firms live by their blue print. The two founders live in Spain and Chicago (US), which is a challenge in it self, just to juggle the time zone.

They have written a great book, I most certainly recommend that you read about their experiences. Amazon UK, Amazon ES, Amazon.com


Amazon UK, Amazon ES, Amazon.com

When you are working from home you are no longer as active as when you are working in an office space. So you have to do more to keep your body active and performing the best it can. What I personally find most natural is to get a desk that you can quickly elevate, so you can work standing up or sitting down.

This naturally means you walk more around the house as you are standing and working.

This is still only a part of the change you need to do. Try to go for a walk during the day, just to get a bit more exercise. You might have a bit of extra time if you re not commuting. Try to use this time as an opportunity to create healthier habits.

Screen (Monitor)

When you need to find a screen, there are a few things you need to think about. First find an actual screen, choose a resolution, find a brand you like. Once you are through with that, you should try to mount the screen to the table, so you raise it from the desk. This gives you both more space on the desk, as well as getting the desk up a level so you don’t have to strain your neck.

After having tried a number of brands over the years, I certainly prefer a Samsung screen. I would go for a 4K so you have a decent resolution and it’s good for most eyes. What I prefer with Samsung screens is that I can easily change the colour and light settings so it suits the room i.e. if it’s a very sunny room or if I work late into the evening.

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If you didn’t already work on a Laptop before Covid, this might be useful for you. When you are choosing a new laptop, there are a few things you need to look out for.

Windows based laptop:

When you are choosing Windows based laptop you need to focus on two main things. You need to get at least 256 GB SSD hard drive (preferable 512 gb). Make sure this is SSD. If you are just working with normal email, internet and maybe Microsoft Office products, all you really need is 8 gb of RAM. My own setup is a bit higher as we do video editing, but this is fine for the majority.

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If you prefer working on the Mac environment then you should consider taking a look at Macbook Air. Even the base model has plenty of power for nearly all types of work tasks.

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Best Bluetooth Mouse

Whether you are working on Mac or Windows it’s important that you get a really good mouse. I prefer to get one that is powered by AA batteries, so even if you work while travelling you can easily pick up new batteries.

My preferred mouse is manufactured by Logitech, but under the Microsoft brand. It’s a very reasonable priced mouse, but will last you for years. Typically one set of batteries lasts me for about 2 full months working 6-7 days a week.