NHR is a special tax status for expats moving to Portugal. In principle, it reduces your tax bill to 20% (not Socials) and gives you certain other tax advantages as a foreigner.

Portugal was never ready for a large amount of people moving to the country – so it’s easy to fall for different sharks of relocation specialists as well as accountants, lawyers etc that charge high fees to help you.

All it really takes is that you have a NIF registered to a Portuguese address (so you have access to the Portal) – and you can do it by yourself in 5 minutes.

Please read the guide to ensure that you qualify. I.e. if you have lived in the country before there is a limitation. Also, Portuguese citizens can benefit if they have lived in other countries (please look this up for exact guidance).

This is NOT tax advise – purely collecting information to save you large amounts that foreigners seem to pay in relocation packages.

Check out this guide from the Tax Authorities.